There are the holiday foods that became popular in many countries or around the world and they are much welcomed to be prepared when the occasion comes or during holidays. We will see some of the considered holiday foods and their origins.

Apple Cider This has many uses including the health benefits and so many people now drinks it as part of their regular activity.

Cranberry Sauce They are enjoyed when they are in season. To make up for its short time availability, it was canned in 1912.

Fruitcake It was recorded that they originated from the Middle Ages. The time for preparation and effort makes it special to be prepared during the holidays.

Eggnog It has its origin in the British nation where it was drunk by the upper class only. The ingredients became cheaper and so they were made available to many people.

Gingerbread This originated long time ago in Greece and the menu was mixed when it passes from different countries and it also reached England where cookies were now decorated.

Pecan Pie  This food was the invention of the French people. It was then made commercial by a company.

Pumpkin Pie This kind of food came from the Mexicans. The pumpkins are available and they are cultivated.

Turkey This is very popular in British countries to be eaten during the holidays and other countries also goes with it and prepare a turkey for the holidays.

There are more of it and some could be native to some countries and they are not much known around the world.